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The Greatest Event in the History of Mankind. From the beginning to the end the Bible points to this one event that changed the world. Join us on The Gospel Trail Podcast as we look at the broad picture of redemption and listen to those on the road to Emmaus. Eye witness accounts, believers, non believers, skeptics may have their opinions that last only a moment but this event provided humanity with an opportunity that is eternal. Now that’s the Gospel.

We are an internet only mission church. Formatted for the internet. We purpose to grow your faith in God, confirm your salvation in His Son and inspire you with the aid of His Holy Spirit. A church online since ’98. Your voice in the wilderness. We believe the highest praise is to echo the heart of God and His church is where the people are!

Text prayer requests or praise reports to 218 461 0164 our Hosts: Pastor Kevin & Pastor Sunny & Minister of Music Liz

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