Good evening, brothers and sisters! Tonight, I want to introduce you to Jesus through the powerful words of Psalm 18. This psalm, written by King David, is a heartfelt testimony of God’s unfailing love, mighty deliverance, and steadfast support. David experienced the depths of despair and the heights of victory, all through the intervention of the Lord. As we delve into this psalm, we will see how God, our rock and refuge, hears our cries, rescues us from our deepest troubles, and brings us into a place of peace and safety. Through David’s words, we will discover the boundless love and saving power of Jesus, who is ready to transform our lives just as He did for David. As He did for Me. Join me as we explore the incredible ways in which Jesus can become your rock, your fortress, and your deliverer today. #PrayerLine 218.460.0164 #TheGospelTrail at

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