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Thank you for your prayer support and generous donations. In doing so you are helping us through podcasts and evangelistic outreaches to bring the Love of God to life in people. We purpose to take the Good News of The Gospel to as many people as possible.

We purpose to bring the love of God to life in people. Walk with us as Jesus guides us through the Bible. We believe the highest praise is to echo the heart of God and His church is where the people are! We are a network of believers from many different backgrounds who are passionate about reaching out to others. Your voice in the wilderness. Podcasts are best enjoyed with ear buds or on a speaker with friends. PGN is your voice in the wilderness.

You have reached the office of and Pure Gospel Network Inc. Our email address is office@

We are an internet only mission church. Formatted for the internet. Thank you for stopping by! Hope you brought your ear buds because we have some Good News for you to listen to. 🪔 Our mission is to teach the uninspired the language of Life, Inspiration and Praise found only in the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. You will find us ministering somewhere along The Gospel Trail.

Who we are

Pure Gospel Network Inc. is an inter-generational Christ centered not for profit Internet Mission Church. A network of believers from many different backgrounds who are passionate about reaching out to others.

Your voice in the wilderness, has been our tagline and spreading a pure gospel around the world has been our charter. We operate 100% on tax deductible donations from caring people like you. is formatted exclusively for internet surfers. As any concerned group of Christians we purpose to grow your faith in God, confirm your salvation in His Son and inspire you with the aid of His Holy Spirit.

A church online since ’98. We believe the highest praise is to echo the heart of God and His church is where the people are!

Your voice in the wilderness!

Affiliated with Global Christian Ministry Forum

What we do

  • Podcasts Published Thursdays
    Our podcasts can be found wherever podcasts are downloaded or on the front page of this website. Your help in spreading the Good News of the Gospel is appreciated. Our world wide following is growing daily. Search for Praise be to God.
  • Podcast – The Gospel Trail Recorded Live
    When Thursdays from 1:00 – 2:00 pm central time
    Where The Meeting Wall
    What Participate in our live podcast Christian talk and spontaneous worship
  • Prayer Praise & Prophecy Live
    When Thursdays from 7:00 – 9:00 pm central time
    Where Currently on location only. (not streamed live)
    What Hours of continual prayer & worship. Not for performance but focused prayer and supplication seeking the heart of God. text or dm your prayer requests
  • Request to join a small group
  • Discipleship 101
    Where The Meeting Wall
  • CHIRP “Chapel for International Registrant Prayers” (and their loved ones)
    When Tuesday 7:00 pm eastern time 12:01 am London
    Where Invitation only. Request an invitation on the convenient form below.
    What Support Group for members of the Registry and their loved ones

Would you like to be discipled?
1. Subscribe to our newsletter so we may know you are sincere. If you are already subscribed please update your contact information.
2. Contact us on the convenient form below and we will have a Pastor contact you.

For office enquiries use this convenient form.

To contact the podcast pastors

Text prayer requests or praise reports to
218 461 0164 or Direct Message
on Twitter @PureGospelNet

Music copyright obligations are fulfilled by Christian Copyright Solutions. Every year we purchase CCS 7940 which is our Online WORSHIPcast streaming and Onsite PERFORMmusic facilities licensing permissions. Keeping us and our staff compliant with ASCAP, BMI & SESAC requirements.

All music played on PGN is worship, live or recorded live, originating from our sanctuary. Inspired participants, skilled minstrels & psalmists may worship for several hours at a time. These sessions are not intended for performance or man but for and before our God.

Pure Gospel Network Inc.
5015 Washburn RD Duluth MN 55804 USA
ein 45-2732406

Bridge City Music Festival
1017 S 5th Ave Virginia MN 55792 USA podcasts

What is this gospel but “of first importance” in the Christian way of life.
-Apostle Paul


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