“Care Deeply” by Brother Don – A look at the church today. This message arrives at a pivotal moment for “The Church,” a time when its vitality is more crucial than ever. As our congregations age and the younger generation drifts away from traditional religious upbringing, it’s imperative that we reflect on our journey and reconnect with the essence of our faith.

At its core, “care” embodies the provision of essential elements for the well-being, sustenance, and safeguarding of individuals or entities. In the context of the church, it encompasses nurturing the spiritual health of both the congregation and the institution itself.

Join us in this profound exploration as we delve into the depths of our faith and commit to caring deeply for our church and its members. Together, let’s cultivate a culture of prayer, support, and genuine concern for one another’s spiritual well-being.

Let’s embark on a journey of introspection, comparing our current state with the fervor and commitment we experienced when we first encountered the transformative power of Jesus. By doing so, we can realign our priorities, rediscover our purpose, and reignite our passion for spreading His message of love and compassion. #Prayerline 218.461.0164

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